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Union Street Blues got its start in the Spring of 2007 when Buddy Cleveland simply wanted to record a collection of original blues songs he'd written. He recruited 5 other musicians he'd worked with before to help him with the project. His first recruit was Neil "Porkroll" Taylor, not only because of Porkroll's outstanding blues guitar but also to enlist his help to produce the recordings. Soon, Steve Cocchi and Paul Cleveland, who play with Buddy in the Voodoo DeVille band, joined the project. Finally, Matt Del Collo (who Buddy met while playing with Dave Mell Blues Band) and Ted Ryan (who occasionally filled in with Voodoo DeVille on bass) joined the project to complete the group. From the very first rehearsal, everything just "worked." It was immediately clear that this was going to be much more than a few straightforward recording sessions. There was such a high degree of collaboration and energy that the project quickly moved to another level and the band was created.

When it came time to name the group for the CD, we chose Union Street Blues because we started the project in Porkroll's rehearsal space on Union Street in West Chester, PA and all the recording was done at Second Story Sound Studio, also on Union Street.

Buddy Cleveland

Buddy Cleveland

Harp player and vocalist Buddy Cleveland grew up in Rockville, MD.  In college, he got turned on to performers like Hendrix, the Stones, Cream, and the Allman Brothers. At the time, he thought these groups had invented the music they were playing until he was exposed to Muddy Waters at a live show in the late '70's. It was immediately clear that Muddy was the real deal and he started down the road with the blues and hasn't looked back. He picked up the harp shortly after that but didn't get too serious until he got to know the outstanding DC area blues guitarist Mike "Junior" Tash of the Bad Influence Band. Mike gave him lots of encouragement and even invited Buddy sit in with his band on occasion. In 1999, after moving to the Philadelphia area, Buddy joined some guys he worked with and this group ultimately became the Voodoo DeVille band. He still performs regularly with Voodoo DeVille, now as the lead vocalist and on harp.

After writing a few original songs for a Voodoo DeVille CD in 2005, Buddy continued to write until he'd written more than a dozen original songs he wanted to record. He met Neil Taylor through mutual musician friends (Doc White & Joe Stout) and Neil agreed to play guitar and co-produce the recording project, which became Union Street Blues' first CD - By Any Means Necessary.




Neil "Porkroll" Taylor

Neil "Porkroll" Taylor

Porkroll comes from a long line of watermen and pirates. He grew up in Media, PA. He has two basic loves -- playing guitar and cooking. His BBQ is well known throughout the Delaware Valley, as is his tasty blues playing. His musical influences range far and wide, but credits Buddy Guy and Luther Allison as his most recent inspirations. As a young teenager, his heart was turned to the blues by the likes of Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, and Johnny Winter. Porkroll has been performing in the Greater Philadelphia area for the past 15 years, most recently as the founder, guitarist, and head chef of the Porkroll Project, which continues to play in the area. Previously, he co-founded the well-known MudBoy blues band which played around the Southeast Pennsylvania for nearly a decade. For a time, he also performed with Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings, a smoking jump blues act, where he played on their critically acclaimed debut CD, On the Mark.

In the Spring of 2007, Neil teamed up with Buddy Cleveland to co-produce the recording project. It was Neil who insisted that the project be taken to the "next level" and the result was Union Street Blues' debut CD, By Any Means Necessary. His mastery of the blues guitar and his significant blues sensibilities are evident on every track.




Steve Cocchi

Steve Cocchi
Keyboards, Guitar

Steve, originally from Folsom, PA, started his musical career as drummer, but as a teenager in the late '70's, he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Bob (an accomplished guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate) and took up the guitar.  He's been playing in bands ever since. For a number of years after high school, he worked as a full time musician and during that period learned to play keyboards. Soon he was playing keys more than the guitar. During this time he played in just about every type of band imaginable -- Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Motown, Pop, and even Country & Western. During that time, the bands he played with opened for groups such as Jan & Dean as well as Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.

In 2001, Steve joined Voodoo DeVille, his first foray into the blues. He plays both keyboards and guitar with Voodoo DeVille and also performs both lead and backing vocals. When Neil and Buddy began the recording project that was to become Union Street Blues, Steve was the first person they recruited.




Ted Ryan

Ted Ryan

Ted, a Phoenixville, PA native, taught himself how to play bass at 18 and has been playing for over 20 years. His significant influences include The Beatles, Steely Dan, Weather Report (Jaco Pastorius), and 70’s funk and dance. He loves tight vocal harmonies, funky bass lines, syncopated rhythms, and fat chords. In fact, he was driven by his love of chords to teach himself to play the keyboards.  Ted has deep knowledge and love of music gives and performs with great precision and timing. Ted has played with a number of Classic Rock and Southern Rock bands over the years, most recently the band Soniq Boom which continues to play in the Philadelphia area.

Buddy and Ted were introduced by a mutual friend when Buddy was looking for a bass player to fill in on a Voodoo DeVille gig. It was Ted's first full immersion in the blues and he took right to it, doing a fantastic job. Ted's precision, creativity, and adaptability made him a great addition to the project. He and Matt form a great rhythm section, which is clearly evident on the By Any Means Necessary CD.




Matt Del Collo

Matt Del Collo
Drums, Percussion

Matt is from Reading, PA where he started to play the drums in the 5th grade. By the time he was 14, he was performing professionally. At 16, he was the drummer for an orginal rock band that played all through Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City. In his 20's, Matt took up the blues as the drummer for guitarist Bob Noble (who has played with such greats as the Lovin' Spoonful, Ben E. King, the Surpremes, and the Three Degrees). Since then he has played in a variety of Reading and Philadelphia blues bands, including Steve Hayes, Robert Riley and the Dave Mell Blues Band. Matt is well known for his great timing and incredible feel for whatever music is being played.  He is an incredible listener when he plays and fluidly reacts to whatever is being played by the soloists, which is so important in an improvisational genre such as the blues.  He is a real student of blues and rock ‘n roll, listening constantly to an incredible range of artists from a variety of genres.

Matt and Buddy met when they were both performing with the Dave Mell Blues Band. He's also filled in on drums occasionally for Voodoo DeVille. After hearing how well Matt and Ted played together when they were both filling in on a Voodoo DeVille gig, Buddy thought the two of them could really contribute significantly to the recording project.  Matt’s fantastic drum performance, along with that of bassist Ted Ryan, provides a rock solid foundation for every one of the tracks of the new Union Street Blues CD.




Paul Cleveland

Paul Cleveland
Tenor Sax, Keyboards

Paul, originally from Gaithersburg, MD, started playing piano and clarinet early in elementary school and played in concert bands, symphonic bands, and marching bands all the way through high school. When he was a sophomore in high school, he wanted to try out for the high school jazz band so he started to play the saxophone just a month or so before the jazz band auditions were to be held. Not only did he pass the audition, he ultimately became the first tenor for the jazz band. He's been a lover of blues and swing from a very early age. By the time he was a junior in high school he was playing the tenor saxophone regularly with the Voodoo DeVille band.

Paul worked with Buddy on many of Buddy's original songs, providing horn tracks and solos for the initial demo versions of the songs. He even co-wrote the lyrics for the song myspacedotcom. (He even helped out with some guidance in music theory on more than one occasion). When came time to kick off the recording project, he was a natural choice to be part of the team. He really stepped up to deliver a fine performance on By Any Means Necessary. Paul is currently a student a Villanova University, majoring in History.


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